Mission statement

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The Human Hypothalamus Research Unit (HHRU) is part of the Laboratory of Reproductive Neurobiology at the Institute of Experimental Medicine, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The goal of founders was to create a unique infrastructure and intellectual background for anatomical and molecular studies of neuronal circuitries that regulate endocrine, metabolic and autonomic functions of the human in normal and pathological conditions. This aim is subserved by the expert professional staff, the modern laboratory equipment and the growing methodological arsenal and post mortem tissue collection handled and archived in ways optimized for the needs of specific neuroanatomical and molecular research techniques.


The Human Hypothalamus Research Unit is dedicated to studies of the human neuroendocrine hypothalamus, with three main focuses on i) Reproductive functions, ii) Metabolic regulation and iii) Aging.

Erik Hrabovszky, MD, PhD, DSc
Head of Laboratory